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PASSING THE BATON - Italian Runner Slips Out of His Shorts

In a recent running relay event, a decathlete had his penis slip out of his shorts while running. Many of the comments were focused on how could his penis be long enough to slip out of his shorts. Well, the key here is the resting length. The resting length of the penis was long enough to be longer than the bottom of his short.

Men often talk about how they look when they are erect, but resting length is often overlooked. Resting length is an important indicator of men feeling confident when they are not aroused. Others look at this and may pass judgment on how we look. Chicago Male Enhancement can help you with resting length. Using safe injecting techniques with the latest fillers, resting length can often be enhanced along with the girth of the penis.

Now if you do get enhanced, please wear underwear for support so that your penis does not slip out of your shorts. Yes, that is a real problem for many of our patients.


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