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Non Surgical Male Enhancement: Does It Hurt?

The very first question that we get here at Chicago Male Enhancement from patients when they come in for their consultation is, "Does it hurt?" This question is very understandable. One of the most sensitive areas for any man is their crotch region. But, in contrary, non surgical male enhancement with fillers is virtually pain-free. Thanks to the injection skills of our very own nurse injector, Jonathon, our patients not only happy with their results but also ask for Jonathon by name.

In this excerpt from the hit podcast, "Masters Of Beauty with Dr. Anil Shah," Jonathon explains his technique and his approach to male enhancement.


Dr. Shah:

Okay. So, so kind of the questions that patients ask a lot who are thinking about this is like, what's it like, does it hurt, are other people gonna know about it? You know, if I want to be on the down low about this, you know, what's it going to be like?


Um it's actually a pretty comfortable procedure, I think. And that's actually one of the biggest questions that we get that's like right away before we even start, is it going to hurt? And I always tell them there's a little poke in the beginning, but after that first initial injection, just to get the area numb, it's pretty painless. People are usually listening to music watching Netflix or, you know, we'll chat and have a laugh.

Dr. Shah:

Uh and so that's first poke when we're thinking about that it's going to happen near the base of the penis.



Dr. Shah:

Um and then where do you like to go? So I'm going to kind of use my handover and here, do you like to go on the very top of the penis or one on one side, one of the other side of the base or what's your, yeah,


So if this was like the Mons pubis right here, I like to go just a little bit above the shaft on both sides. So just on the sides there, so I can get a really nice like lateral, like injection maneuver or going up the shaft. So as we go up, you know, it's numbing, so it's a little bit more comfortable throughout the whole injection. And sometimes they do have to make a a few more entry points just to get some other areas, you know, that need to be like feathered in, but usually it's the two.

Dr. Shah:

And I would say that's probably the most surprising thing that if anyone's ever been, you know, kicked in their know, say genital region, it's really, really painful. I mean, it's probably one of the more painful things you can do when you see people drop down, you see these giants of men dropped down when they're kicked in their in their Nethers. But surprisingly getting injected with fillers there,


Easy, super, super comfortable, honestly.

Dr. Shah:

Yeah. I mean, rating this compared to other things probably more comfortable than lip, Would they say?


More comfortable than lips. I would say even more comfortable than, than Botox itself. So super easy and it's super comfortable and it's a good time. It should be a really fun experience.

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