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Measure Up: Beating Fantasy With Male Enhancement Reality

The recent number one show on Netflix is "Sex/Life" starring Adam Demos. This is relatively unknown actor has made a literal splash with his role as the bad boy. In the series, he stars as an ex-boyfriend who a married housewife and mother of 2 can not forget despite being married to the perfect husband.

The most memorable scene is in episode 3 where Adam reveals his full frontal self in a shower scene. The husband looks at his romantic rival and sees how her ex-boyfriend has a gigantic penis. He immediately feels less “manly” and inferior to his wife’s ex-boyfriend. His wife meanwhile can’t stop fantasizing about her her ex-boyfriend. Is it his bad boy persona or is it his large penis she misses.

There are some questions on whether or not his penis is fake or enhanced. Per the show’s producer and the actor it appears to be real. The large resting penis shown is one of the benefits of larger resting penis size is making the owner of a larger penis feel more manly and as a satisfying to their partners.

We at Chicago Male Enhancement embrace penis of all shapes and sizes. For those men who desire a larger penis, male enhancement can lead to increased resting length and girth. Many of our men report more confidence walking around naked and feeling more confident about their sexual performance.

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