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LARGER THAN LIFE: How Big Are Pornstars In Real Life?

Ever Wonder How Big Pornstars Are In Real Life?

The average male penis is 5.16 inches (if you believe that number from self measured males). So on the reddit subhandle /measuredpornstars, a user has tried to find out the actual sizes of porn stars in the industry. Penis size can be made larger than real life (kinda of like a rearview mirror) with trick photography, lighting, angles and using smaller men (height to penis ratio).

Not surprisingly, most of the men in porn were not that much larger than us regular folk. In the porn industry, 7 inches is big, 8 inches is grand, and 9 is HUGE!

Why Obsess With What You Don’t Have?

If you are stressed about your size, just enlarge it. Many of our clients no longer can fit into condoms and can now feel much more confident than ever!


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