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InPulsa, ShockWave Therapy with Dr. Shah

This audio podcast has been transcribed using an automated service. Please forgive any typographic errors or other transcription flaws.

Dr. Shah: I'm Dr. Shah here talking about using electro ShockWave therapy for improving blood flow. Somebody you might be asking, why am I doing this in my hand?

Well, you can kind of do this anywhere. What this does is it creates new blood vessel formation and can help heal certain areas. And the classic area this is performed is going to be in the reproductive area of men and women, but it can also be, uh, used to heal any sort of injuries. It was originally used for kidney stones and then later on it was used off-label and now it can be used on-label, uh, to increase the performance of men. Classically, you're thinking about erectile dysfunction. So let's think of all the ways you can improve erectile dysfunction. First of all, let's talk about erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction. Most people think of can I, um, get erect or not erect? And that's actually not what erectile dysfunction means. Uh, what it means is, can you sustain? How long does it last? Um, things of that nature.

Once you kind of established that most men past the age of 35- 40 are gonna have some degree of this, um, then you have to figure out how can you get more blood flow through there. So the classic way we think of is Viagra. Cialis, those are vasodilators. They don't print new blood vessels though. And so what they do is they will kind of promote blood flow to an area temporarily. They're kind of inconvenient. Probably the better way is to say, Hey, let's improve blood flow there, kind of on a semi-permanent basis. So this is easy to do. It doesn't really hurt. And usually you're gonna do a session once every week to few weeks. You can add on if you want to. Um, PRP you can add Exosomes.

And when you're doing this, men are always worried about the, um, the pain with that. It's not painful at all. I've done one session so far, so I think I'd rather do something more physiologic than taking a pill like CIalis or Viagra, which you have to kind of take on demand. Um, and I also think from a long term perspective, you're treating yourself now so that you don't get to a problem where you're gonna have serious issues on the lung. So you wanna get that blood flow through there.

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