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So you want to wear a speedo and are wondering how to look great?

Well, here’s what you want to know in our best unfiltered comments:

1- Try to be in your best shape.

Yes, that means try and lose the gut. A large stomach does not do anyone any favors and if you can lose it. There are multiple ways to do this including diet and exercise and many nonsurgical techniques including Coolsculpting and injecting with fat melting injections to create abdominal outlines.

2- Do Your Best With Glutes.

Glutes or your butt were rated as the sexiest muscle which most women and non-cis men liked the best. This means being active working on squats and trying to build up the gluteus maximus. Some side benefits here include increased testosterone production as well as less back pain. Weak glutes, in particular medial glutes, are one of the leading sources of back pain so you’ll fill it out and look good.

3- Your Penis

yes they are looking!!! Well here is where no amount of exercise is going to help. So if you are smaller and your penis sticks straight out, you can consider the use of a cock ring to help create volume as well as lift your testicles to create a bigger bulge. Some men will also buy a penis pad, which essentially is the outline of a penis to place in the speedo. This can have a negative effect in that going to the bathroom can be embarrassing (what’s that you pulled out) and if you meet someone can be a form of catfishing or false advertising.

So, what do you do?

Male enhancement is the best treatment to create a safely enlarged penis. Your resting length and girth will be bigger. This creates confidence and a large bulge makes up for basically an average body or less than average body. Men whose penis sticks straight out in a speedo (smaller resting length) tend to be known as growers. Growers can reach much larger erect penis lengths as showers but it can be embarrassing in speedo type situations.

So if you have been male enhanced or have a larger penis, what should you do?

It depends on your degree of modesty here. If you are in a party scene type beach, down can create the lovely hung look. Here you can see the penis outline on the side as well from the front the shaft and is a classic. However, you really can’t go wrong with whatever direction. Most men will have a “comfortable direction” to the right, left, side, etc. Just be aware that up or north might not work for a male enhanced patient as you can spill out. Make sure you get a speedo which is not too big or small in the crotch area to avoid having your penis spilling out.

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