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Updated: Jun 25

eggplant wrapped in a measuring tape meant to symbolize an enhanced penis with text that reads How big can I get with non-surgical male enhancement? with Alan, P.A.

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What's up guys? It's Alan P from Shah Aesthetics. Just jumping on here to talk a little bit about male enhancement. I'm one of the male enhancement experts here at the clinic and wanted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. One of the questions that we are constantly asked is, what is the length and how much of it do we get? So typically when we refer to the link, it's all about the resting length. So the way that you are not erect is going to be enhanced about one to two inches in length, and then you also get an increase in one to two inches in gerth, and that is erect or non erect. Another commonly asked question is, how do we perform this procedure? Typically, this procedure is performed with a cannula method and we also use filler. We typically do not do a surgical procedure here in the office cuz one, we found that filler is one of the most effective and safest way to give the results or enhancements that we prefer versus trying to attempt and going the surgical route, which leads to a lot of surgical complications as well as complications inside defense in general.

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