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Going the Distance: Delaying Sexual Sensation

It's great to get excited, but sometimes we can get a little too excited. In sexual performance terms, this is called premature ejaculation (PE) which is surprisingly common. PE occurs when the head of the penis is overly sensitized leading to premature ejaculation. The problem with PE is it frustrating for both the male and female.

Some common steps which have been tried over the years include manual release prior to sexual encounters and the use of lidocaine or numbing agents. The drawbacks of manual release is that the amount of ejaculate can be decreased and that the overall sexual urge can be decreased. Numbing agents can not only numb the penis but also the partner and can be messy to apply.

So what is the solution? One novel solution is the use of filler in the glans of the head of the penis. By placing filler here, the head will have less sensation delaying the climax. This has an added benefit of making the head of the penis LARGER which will further satisfy the partner.

So let's go over some common questions about penile injections in the glans:

How many injections do I need?: You may only need one filler in the glans. However, many patients want a larger penis and elect to have filler placed along the entire shaft adding girth and resting length.

Will my partner notice a difference?: Our feedback is that our patients are happier in their confidence both sexually and overall. Many of their partners notice improved sexual satisfaction leading to more meaningful and longer lasting sexual encounters.

How long does the filler last?: It can last up to 2 years.

How much does it cost?: Glans penile filler is $700 for one syringe, however many patients elect for larger amounts of filler with most electing for 10 syringes for 5k.

Will I see a difference in my penis size?: Most men START with 10 syringes with some seeking much larger penises. Many of our clients can NOT wear regular condoms as the size is much larger than even Magnum XXLs. For patients seeking just glans penis filler, size might not be as noticeable.

How much longer will I last?: It really depends on you and your anatomy. Most do well with 1 syringe with some seeking more than 1 at future visits for PE.

Does it hurt to be injected?: Surprisingly not, with topical numbing and local anesthesia as an option, most men have little discomfort.

What are the risks?: We only use REVERSIBLE filler making it safer than cheaper alternatives. This means if you do have an issue, we can reverse the same day or even months later. Early issues are vascular while later issues can lead to bumps.

Can anyone tell if I have filler in my penis?: The answer is probably not. Some of our men choose to share this with their partners. Others, just let them compliment their male member 🤫

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