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Fitting In: Sexual Compatibility For Men And Women

Sexual compatibility is really a complex term which involves many factors including attractiveness, personality, hormones, pheromones, body shape and many other factors. But let's talk about the physics. If we isolated sex to just penile penetration to another orifice (let's say vagina - but it can mean other things too). What feels good to both participants?

From a physics perspective, the penis needs to be large enough to penetrate the vagina and create pressure on the vaginal walls. Here the vaginal walls and labial have sensory nerves which allow for the vagina to feel the penis. Larger penis will provide more sensation to the vagina, smaller penis means the dreaded- I can’t feel anything.

So we have essentially 2 issues at hand, the size of the penis and the size of the vagina need to be compatible. So why is sexual compatibility rarer than we think? Well, most men want a larger penis. They know when they are having sex they want to feel the sensation of their partner. As men age, some will notice decreases in size and performance as well. For women, their vaginas will actually get larger with time, making sexual satisfaction more difficult. Laxity of the vagina occurs with age (just like we have lax skin over time) and can be worsened with childbirth.

So how do we fix sexual compatibility from a physics perspective? Counseling, porn, devices are all fine but from a physics perspective their needs to be a size match.

So for men, male enhancement with filler is often the best step. Men can have their penis size increase dramatically. Most men will start with 10 syringes of filler which can make an average male not so average anymore. Feel like you want to be the biggest in town, keep adding more.

For females, female rejuvenation can help shrink the vagina while helping patients improve lubrication. Most women notice an improvement in 1 session with 3 being the norm.

Note that physics does not apply to the wonderful human mind and won’t change men not taking the garbage out, leaving the toilet seat up, etc.

Cost of 10 syringes: $5,000

Cost of female rejuvenation 3 sessions: $3,000

Total value: You be the judge!!!

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