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Everything You Wanted To Know About Male Enhancement But Were Afraid To Ask

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Your "manhood" and enhancing it can oftentimes be a difficult thing to discuss not just with your partner, but with anyone that you can confide in. At Chicago Male Enhancement, we've heard it all and have been asked it all. As part of Dr. Anil Shah's hit podcast, "Masters of Beauty with Dr. Anil Shah" (shameless plug, it's available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, I Heart Radio, or anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts), Dr. Shah and Male Enhancement expert and nurse injector, Jonathon, R.N., sit down and discuss anything and everything that all of their patients have bravely asked. Watch the full podcast question and answer session on YouTube by click below!

Episode 12- Everything You Wanted To Ask About Male Enhancement But Were Afraid To Ask

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Welcome to another episode of masters of beauty. I'm really pleased to be joined with probably the best injector of male anatomy. I'm going to say this, uh, kind of unabashedly probably in the world. Um, and we're going to be talking about all questions. Male, male enhancement is a huge field. Um, and I mean that literally where, um, most men have some issue with the size of their penis. They want a bigger penis. Uh, and so we're going to talk about all the questions we have about how you can enhance that, how you can look better. Um, and, um, you know, we're going to talk about this in a nonjudgmental way. Um, so, uh, without further ado here is Jonathan. Hi guys. Hello. Uh, just to give Jonathan a proper introduction, Jonathan's been, um, you know, part, how long have you been with my practice, Jonathan?

I think almost four years now. Four years. Yeah. So, um, and, um, you know, we've been doing male enhancement in my office, probably going on about that same point of time and, uh, you know, so, and during that era, Jonathan, by the way, does lots of other areas, uh, not just male enhancement, but, um, that's kind of a particular area of expertise where he's really honed on his skills, but it's amazing that, uh, fillers everywhere on the face, um, uh, Botox in the face, laser skincare, uh, I mean, you name it and, uh, you know, he's a living, breathing example of what we do in the office. And, um, um, we won't say Jonathan's age, but, um, can't reveal that. Uh, but he still looks, uh, as young, if not younger than the day I met him. Thanks. I'll take all of that. Okay. So, so kind of the first questions that patients ask a lot, um, who were thinking about this is like, what's it like, does it hurt, are other people gonna know about it?

Um, you know, if I want to be on the down-low about this, you know, what's it gonna be like? Um, it's actually a pretty comfortable procedure. I think, um, that's actually one of the biggest questions that we get that's like right away before we even start, is it going to hurt? And I always tell them there's a little poke in the beginning, but after that first initial injection, just to get the area numb, it's pretty painless. People are usually listening to music, um, watching Netflix or, you know, we'll chat and have a laugh. Um, and so that that's first poke when we're thinking about that, um, it's going to happen near the base of the penis. Correct. Um, and then where do you like to go? So I'm going to kind of use my handover and here, do you like to go on the very top of the penis or one on one side, one of the other side of the base, or what's your, this was like the Mons pubis right here.

I like to go just a little bit above the shaft on both sides. So just on the sides there, so I can get a really nice like lateral, like injection maneuver going up the shaft. So as we go up, you know, it's numbing, so it's a little bit more comfortable throughout the whole injection. And sometimes they do have to make a, um, a few more entry points just to get some other areas, you know, they need to be like feathered in, but usually it's the two. And I would say that's probably the most surprising thing that, um, if anyone's ever been, you know, kicked, um, in their say genital region, it's really, really painful. I mean, it's probably one of the more painful things you can do when you see people drop down, you see these giants of men dropped down when they're kicked in their, um, in their Nethers.

Uh, but surprisingly getting injected with fillers they're easy, super, super comfortable, honestly. Yeah. I mean, rating this compared to other things, probably more comfortable than lips, more comfortable than lives, I would say even more comfortable than, than Botox itself. So super easy and it's super comfortable and it's a good time. It should be a really fun experience, you know, um, during that procedure, um, one of the other things, uh, it kind making this comfortable, um, it's the difference between using a needle and a cannular? Can you explain, like what a cannular is versus a needle for our viewers? Absolutely. So, uh, Kenny law is going to be, um, almost like a needle, but instead of it being pointy, it's actually a blunt needle. So it's going to bypass any vessels and cause less trauma internally while a needle, which sometimes we do have to use through the procedure, um, when we're injecting along the Corona, which has the head of the penis that needs to be done with a needle, it cannot be done with a canny cannular.

Um, just because of the, you know, the tenderness of that, that part and kind of that follow-up to that question. Um, so relatively pain-free, um, could you, if you had a partner or you just don't want anyone to know how discrete can this procedure be? Um, it can be pretty discreet. I think if you and your partner are close, um, I'm sure they're going to see quite a big bowl to after the procedures on which don't we all want. Um, but you know, there is a little bit of bruising throughout the shafts, but usually that goes away in a couple of days. So if you really want it to be discreet about it, um, it can happen definitely. No one, well, no. So let's say your, um, your significant other is away on a vacation they're coming back. They come back in, um, a week, 10 days.

Oh, you're good to go. Um, will they know, like, will they know, can anyone tell that you've had filler in your penis? Um, I think they will definitely know. Um, I think once, you know, the intimacy starts and they feel like things are a little different and um, I mean, I think that's good for both parties, so always an exciting. Okay. Um, and I think, um, how about if it's a random partner? So let's say you're a single okay. And someone says, you know, something's different, I'm, I'm experiencing something with, with, with this new partner for the first time. Would they know that they've enhanced? No, they will not. It's feels very, very natural. It just be just like your own, just enhanced one to two inches more, which is, uh, Otis. Cool. So like no scars, no visible signs about, and kind of that key to that, um, you know, smooth male member is, is the cannula.

It is essentially what you're doing is you're finding that, that perfect tissue plane. Yep. Um, and when you put it in that TIF tissue plane, it's really just, you're putting it in a layer that's deep enough where it's going to create that thickness. Um, great. That girth definitely. It's like, you know, it's a sculpture, you got to go slow and really, you know, get a nice and symmetrical throughout. So it's a little bit of process, 30 minutes to an hour. It takes some times depending on the anatomy, but you know, it's a nice piece of art after let's say the opposite of that question. Um, someone comes and says, I want to see a huge difference and I want to see a difference. Um, like what are all the ways that someone can see a difference in their life? So someone says, um, you know, yeah, let's just set up that.

Um, I would say if they really, really want to see a difference, I always go at least 10 minimum, 10 syringes is going to be your best bet if you're really wanting to get one to two inches, at least in girth. And, um, by doing the 10 inches, I mean, right away after the procedure's done, you can see a big difference when it's flacid and erect. And there's some guys who are a little hesitant to do a 10, you know, they're like, you know, I kind of want to just try things out and I'm like, okay, we can do that. Um, we can maybe try maybe three to five syringes and you're still going to get a little bit of something, maybe not one inch or two inches, but it will still be enough. And I think for some people, anything is enough, you know?

Um, it's a little bit of a difference, right. And you mean one or two inches. Um, can you kind of clarify that for our listeners? Yeah. So one to two inches in girth, so this isn't really helping anything with length, although resting length when the penis is flacid, um, it does appear to be longer. And I think it's due to how much growth, um, that was increased, but only growth one to two inches at least. And I think resting length. Yeah. I think most men come in, they care about their performance length and they say, you know, how, how large am I going to get? Am I going to be able to please a partner or someone else? But we'll talk about resting length for a little bit. Yeah. Resting length, I think is really underappreciated because resting like, you know, if you, if you watch a movie, if you're walking through, um, a locker room, even if you're wearing clothes on a day-to-day basis, most people don't walk around with an erection all day.

Exactly. Hopefully not. And if you are there, he might have some issues. So you're resting like this. Something that a lot of people may look at, um, and, uh, might be a source of potential judgment if we were in the swimsuit. I think it's definitely some areas of for sure, um, you know, like great sweatpants season and stuff like that. You know, we always have, I think all guys have a little bit of a bulge and I think, you know, some guys are more, some guys are more conscious of that than others and you know, they want to feel confident. They want to feel hyper masculine and comfortable with themselves. So, you know, sometimes just a little bit goes a really long way for some, um, some gentlemen, do you look if someone has a third bone and um, you know, I can't help my eyes just kind of sometimes wander when it's gray sweatpants season.

Uh, actually, because I think sometimes people are, it's one of those things you're taught not to look. However, um, it's just the nature. I think men judge each other, for sure. And just like women judge men. And I don't think anyone says they look, but in some ways, a quick glimpse, they kind of look. Yeah. And that's that part of looking at that. And um, so that's, that's that benefit of rusty length saying, oh, wow. Um, this person, what's the term you had this term, this person has packing and how do I get that? You know? And I think a lot of guys don't know what's out there for them. There's so many procedures for women and maybe not a whole lot for guys in the cosmetic world. So, you know, we finally got something for us and, you know, only for us. Yeah. And even that resting length, just to kind of, kind of take on that point, you know, there's actually underwear designed for men, which again, it's kind of like a wonder bra for women, but I think a little bit more, um, deceptive is that you can wear underwear that actually has the shape of a peanut actually has an outline.

Is it a plastic outline? It's like, um, almost like a little, how would you say like, almost like a sock in a way, you know, and it just, they have them a lot in bathing suits and, um, and obviously, like you said, underwear, and it is a little deceptive for sure. Like it, it makes it really, really big and like super, just like fine and like circular, like a little cup. And, uh, I think that's that part where again, um, you're not supposed to look, but again, if it's a ballet dance, the men, for sure, they're always packing a little bulge there. Um, and even, even underwear models, that's kind of one of those trade seats for sure. And I'm sure that's enhanced with, you know, a little bit of, um, you know, Photoshop and stuff. And the tricky part there though is let's say things go to the next level. Um, and then, you know, you're with your partner in an intimate setting, um, you know, if they're expecting something and something's not behind it, then there could be a problem. Yeah. And that's when you got to decide, do I stay or leave?

So we end this dinner now. Um, and going to that question. So, um, I'm talking about resting length, uh, how about performance? So, so someone says I'm going to do this. Okay. I'm excited about resting progress. Um, what does it feel like? You know, someone saying, you know, the difference between, um, you're talking to partners and partners experiences, you know, what's the difference between someone who's done this procedure versus, you know, versus they have, let's say maybe 20 syringes or 30 syringes, what are the reactions they're getting from their partners? What are the reactions from the guys who are getting this when they're talking to, so I'm going to kind of just speak openly. So one of my patients have said to me, so, um, excuse the terminology. But, um, a lot of the guys, when they first get this done, and then they finally are intimate with their partner.

So I would say, you know, the female or male, they will notice a difference as they're like, they tell me that they're sore or, you know, it's very verbal, like, oh my God, like this really worked. Like I could feel the difference, you know, like it's kind of hurting me. Um, you, you can take that as a good thing or bad thing, but I'm sure it's, it hurts so good. Um, so it's, it's just kinda like one of those things, like I think people who get the procedure, they're super, super satisfied. There's some wives that are like, don't fill it up anymore. It's too big. And I mean, that's what we really want to hear. We love, we love that. Um, but I mean, you know, 20, 30 syringes, I mean, I think now we're going with a monster. Yeah. I gotta be careful at that side.

And I think that's a cool thing because I think it's hard for a partner to talk to another person and say, you know what, I love my partner. We've gone through this journey together. And, um, I wish, you know, my fantasy would be for you to change this part of your anatomy. Um, and I think we should all be proud of our bodies and whether we change this or not change this, there's so many ways, you know, intimate, there's literally, uh, books written thousands of years ago about tantric sex. And, um, and so there's so many ways to please a partner. However, this is an area that brings, you know, someone insecurity and you feel like you can't do anything about it, at least. There's totally, I think it's all about that. Like open communication, you know? And what kind of things do you like, what do you want to experience as long as you keep that open communication?

I think, you know, both parties are going to be really good. Um, so let's say you do this. How often do you have to keep doing this? Like, let's say you say, I'm going to handle my penis. I'm going to use 22 inches of filler. Um, how often do patients end up coming back to, um, uh, aside from the ones who want to keep going? I would say almost every guy has come back that I have done and it has been to do more, always more. And they're really, obviously they're super satisfied because they're coming back. But at the same time though, it's also doing a little bit of corrections because as you inject, you know, filler kind of migrates a little bit and stuff like that. So, you know, we're kind of fine tuning and creating the perfect sculpture. And, um, when you come back, we add more and we get it absolutely 100%.

Perfect. So if we're talking about, you know, the perfect size penis, actually I think the perfect size penis is one that makes someone feel confident in themselves. And so it's like this ambiguous goal and then also makes the partner, let's say desire them more. Absolutely. And, um, you know, so what do I look and my aesthetics going to be different than what someone else will look for? Um, so what I'm looking for is I like that hung look, you know, where the, the penis actually is, instead of going straight out, the head of the penis kind of goes down at rest. So it creates kind of that little curve. Um, I like the girth, uh, of the penis to be large enough. So it doesn't fit even an extra, extra large condom. That sounds like it's unobtainable, but I mean, but it's only what a millimeter difference or something like that.

Yeah. So it's really not that much difference between a regular condom and an extra, extra large condom. And I think those differences between men of what they think is regular and what's super normal, isn't that much different. And, you know, and if you can get an inch difference in your girth, that's like beyond like that's ginormous and that's like, um, you're going to see a huge difference. Absolutely. So I think perfect is something where you feel confident and you feel like you're pleasing to someone your partner's happy. Um, and, um, it's going to change in that part. Absolutely. Every guy gay, straight BI, they all want the same thing. Um, and actually I think that's, that's true. That's one of the things that we notice is that, you know, you know, I think there's less differences between when people, even sexual orientation between, you know, um, you know, straight men versus gay men, they kind of want the same thing.

Absolutely. So, um, do you notice a difference in, is this more straight men doing this more gay men or is it kind of a mix? Um, I want to say a lot of the guys that I have done so far have been straight. Um, I do get a few, my LGBT community guys, but I mean, it's, it's more so just my straight guys that are really looking for it, but not to say, like I said, it's a mixture usually, but, um, yeah, and I think, again, it goes with the thought that again, men all want to be their best version of themselves, whatever that is. Absolutely a little bit of enhancement doesn't hurt anyone. So if you didn't want to do filler, let's see you say, I, um, I'm at home and I'm listening to this and I kind of want to just make my penis look the largest it can from my partner, what are some things I can do to make my penis look bigger without actually making it bigger?

Okay. Well, there are some things that you can do. There's penis pumping, you know, that will help increase that blood flow and get you that girth. And there's, there's also these like little exercises that you can do that you can actually put weights and hang them from the tip of the penis, but you have to sit at the edge of the bed and that's like for maybe 15, 20 minutes at a time. So I hope you have a good show and you can do those stretching exercises, but I want to say filler is super safe and I, I actually would make the argument that filler safer than those exercises, because the way those techniques work. Um, so with, uh, with stretching and in some societies, they call it joking. They actually tried to like overly stretch. The penis is they're basically trying to stretch the ligaments.

Um, you can actually damage the penis versus with, um, you know, with filler there and theoretically you can damage the penis as well, but knock on whatever we've never really never. Um, and there's such a great blood supply. It's reversible, you know, what we're putting in there. So it's one of the safest things you can do versus if you overly stretch your ligament, um, you know, it's sometimes can lead to some damage. So this is something that you're doing this at home, maybe in an untrained setting. Um, so I would say the other things, other things you can do to make your penis look bigger, um, lose weight. Absolutely. Um, anytime you have a lot of weight that can kind of overhang, um, the penis would be another thing I think you can do. Um, so being at your best shape, and I think so much in general, so many things we do when you're at your best shape, you will you'll look your best and you know, your male member will look better.

And, um, the other issue with being, um, having more weight on board is that men tend to release more estrogen, uh, with fat. And so by having less fat, you have less estrogen and more testosterone, um, which again can make everything kind of work better and so forth. Um, so, um, uh, what about laser hair? Can you make a penis look bigger with laser hair more? I want to say absolutely. Um, you know, sometimes when you have like, uh, a Bush down there and, you know, if you're, if you're rocking the seventies, look, that's all good. But sometimes by, you know, kind of just tailoring it a little bit along the shaft, it does make the penis look a lot more like vibrant and bigger. Yeah. Um, sh shaft hairs, which, um, a lot of men have hair along the shaft. It's going to look like you're connected to your Mons pubis.

Absolutely. So by kind of, if you trying to gain, if someone said, I want to gain an instant, um, you know, three, four millimeters, that might be that great way. So whether you use something like, um, what's the men, men manscaping, what's the brand that they, um, oh, I think it's called landscapes. Manscape, manscape, there's literally a whole company devoted to manscaping, um, designed. So you don't snip yourself down there. Um, is that necessary? Um, it actually makes a big difference because if you've ever clipped yourself as hurts, like hell, but that one, um, surprisingly it doesn't clip you at all. So it's, it's actually really, really nice, but I mean, you've tried it. I have tried it. You don't have to use that though. I mean, you can use a regular thing, have you I'm so curious to, I have not tried. So, um, what I got, it was just like the, um, the actual, just like the little handle to it.

And then they give you a few, like, um, what is it called? Disposable, like piece head pieces, like a manual Shay worked at electric. It's an electric shave, but I mean, it has the, uh, like the guards, you know, and they're disposable. So, so can you do your, um, your scrotum? You can do your scroll and it doesn't clip it. No, your coach everything. Yeah. I, it just, it has like some protection on, on the blades and it just doesn't do it. I'm sure it can happen if you like really get into in those edges. But I mean, it has yet to happen to me and you can get as close as a shave. You can get, you can get pretty close. I mean, if you're wanting to do a nice trim, you know, it's perfect. It's perfect. But then you've got to get your razor to really, you know, to, for the shaft. It might not be close enough to what you want. Exactly. Yeah. Okay. I'll check it out. The nice, nice, you know, it's a nice little tailoring. How long did those, does that kit last for, um, like a month, maybe even more just depending on how much you're shaving. Yeah. Every three days.

I mean, Hey, you might be a candidate for laser hair removal before in Miami. It only lasts a week. Okay. Um, so yeah, so, so that's another way, um, uh, kind of men talk about, um, also I want to say, um, sometimes ask me about discoloration. So fixing, um, some of that hyperpigmentation that's like along the shaft, I think all guys have a little bit of discoloration and I always, I actually do Pico on some of my patients and surprisingly after like three or four treatments, you can see a big difference in the lightning. Um, and so for Pico is kind of as a type of laser, it's a little bit faster for it for listeners, um, than a regular laser. And it kind of it's works really insensitive skin areas. Um, uh, does that make a difference, do you think in the way that penis looks overall?

Um, I definitely think so. Um, you, some, sometimes that hyperpigmentation aesthetically, when you're looking at it can make it maybe not so pleasing to the eye, but once you have everything kind of balanced and the tone is like, even it makes it look much more put together and you know, anything to make it look 100% perfect. And I guess kind of the word I would use is clean, clean. Exactly. And when people are down there, like any sort of, um, any sort of discoloration, any sort of thing is going to look like is something wrong here, which is going to be a red eye. Exactly. Versus if, um, everything looks clean and perfect, we're less worried about maybe an infection or something. And you're looking at a home run, let's say someone comes in and says, I want to do, you know, fillers nice and all, but I want to do something permanent.

I've heard about implants. I've heard about surgery. What are your thoughts? Seems like it fillers easy enough surgery would be like a nice permanent solution. You do it once you're done. But the thing with, um, let's just say the silicone implant it, the penis does not feel natural. It feels hard. And it feels very augmented. And I would suggest going the filler route 100% because not only that it's reversible, it's super safe, the implant you can have rejections, you can have all these scars along the penis. It doesn't make for a pretty sight. And if you were wanting to, you know, be natural and look good, I would, I wouldn't go that route. Yeah. And I think if you're thinking about implants, there's really a couple of ways of going. Um, if first of all, the question is, can you have a, it's called a spontaneous erection and natural erection.

If you can have a natural erection, you should not do an implant. And I'll, I'll say that in bold letters, because the problem is once you put an implant in it's, for the most part, you really cannot do. You cannot have a normal natural erection. And the reason is, uh, anatomically what happens is you put a scar at the base of the penis from that scar. You're basically putting the implant in your Corpus cavernosa, that's where your penis fills up with blood during the interaction. Um, the filler is going to be superficial to that. So if you put an implant in your penis, isn't necessarily bigger. It's just like, it's erect all the time. If you put filler in, you're actually going around your Corpus cavernosum. So when you do get an erection, your penis is going to be even bigger than it normally is.

Um, and so if you can have an erection, I think filler is a better route. If you can't have an erection, then I actually don't think filler is a good option because you want something that's going to work. And I think that's where an implant can work. Interestingly enough, like Jonathan mentioned, implants only lasts for about like eight to 10 years is what they're, they're kind of warrantied for. Uh, if you have a silicone implant, it's actually almost like a, a wire when you're ready to perform, you just stretch it up. And when you're not ready to perform, bend it back down. And I don't know if that really, uh, that doesn't, that doesn't do it for you. No, no way. Um, and then the other, other implant they do is sometimes the inflatable implant where they can usually attach it to your scrotum or sometimes had it in your stomach.

You pump it up and put fluid in there again, uh, same issues with that. Um, again, you're not going to get it necessarily a natural resting girth of length at that, or even you're a performance state, but you're going, gonna be able to have an erection. Uh, but if you're normally having erections, it doesn't really make sense. Um, what about surgery? What about like, um, some guys talk about doing fat transfers. We've seen a number of patients with that. Um, or patients who've tried to like cut the skin and put it skin transfer and everything, your thoughts on this. So, um, I have a few patients who've had fat transfer and I'll, I'll tell you that. They said if they could go back that they would not get the fat transfer, um, done. And the reason is because it's too squishy and it doesn't feel hard like when you have your natural erection without anything in there.

So, um, that's the biggest thing. And when we, we can kind of help a little bit with that, but what we inject, you know, sometimes a filler can make it a little bit more robust and stronger. Um, but that those fat cells in there, um, just make it too squishy. Yeah. It's about that. It's the way it feels. And it's not just the way it looks. And again, you're going to have a much more risky experience with that. Um, and with fact, you can see a little bit of, um, sometimes differences in that. And then just as important is for this penis to work, it's not just how it looks. Uh, you know, most of our patients want to use it. And, um, if it's going to feel soft, that's not the feeling the, um, the partner's going to want to feel, they're gonna want to feel something firmer.

Um, and the other technique that sometimes used is the surgery technique, where they cut the skin, release the blood vessels, you stretch things forward. I think that's really risky. I mean, if things go wrong there and you can basically lose your penis and you're dealing with, so, um, I think the benefit of a filler is it's really, um, you know, for the most part, super safe. Yeah. It's reversible if you don't like it, which, um, have you ever reversed, uh, let's think about this. Have you ever reversed a patient they've come in and said, you know what? I don't like it get rid of all my, I have reversed, um, a patient, um, with filler, from another physician that they didn't give them proper instructions, which is the most important is to massage after, do you think they used a needle or Daniel? It is a needle.

Um, and I think that's that plane that we're thinking about, um, unless you have the right can ULA in the right technique, this is really important. Another bolt on point. Um, so first of all, don't inject yourself with something with filler or something. You're going to screw it up and you're going to look horrible. And then don't know what, if someone who really doesn't do a lot of filler down there, because unless you're in that perfect tissue plane, which is it's actually right below the skin, it's like in that Scarpa dark toast area, unless you feel that second pop with the right, um, Candela, then you actually have to use the right type of canyon light to get in that smooth plane to kind of work there. Um, and so if you're in that area, you're going to have a smooth, um, you know, much more likely to have a nice smooth result versus with a needle.

I don't think it's possible. Someone said gets 10 syringes, oranges inject me with filler there. I wouldn't do it with a needle. No way. It's just not going to work. It's a little too risky to, you can go too deep occlude, a blood vessel. Yeah. Canyon was the way to go. So yeah, I mean, this is, this is about fun, keeping this safe. Um, and you know, for many of our patients, it's just like, Hey, I'm going to look better at, I'm gonna look better naked without clothes on. I'm gonna look better. I'm going to perform better and look better erect. Um, my partners should definitely see a difference. I feel a difference. Um, yeah. Cool. Um, all right, cool. Uh, any, any last thoughts here? I want to say, if you're thinking about doing it, you know, do your research obviously, but you know, come in for an appointment, we can schedule a consultation and, you know, go over your goals and do measurements and, you know, see what we can do to make you happy and confident.

Yeah. And I think that's really cool is there's the nonjudgmental part about it, uh, because, um, a lot of men, uh, think about this and it's something that's on their mind. And I mean, you've seen so many yeah. All different kinds, all different sizes, and everyone wants the same thing is they just want to feel good about themselves and you know, that, and during that consultation, that's what we talk about. We talk about our goals and you know, what we can achieve with the 10 or less and go from there, you know? Yeah. I think that, that non-judgemental, Hey, let's be the best version of ourselves and kind of getting there. And I think that's the, um, that's the fun thing. So, um, to me, that's the most exciting thing. The thing I love about plastic surgery and whether it's a, um, whether it's a penis or a nose or a neck or a wrinkle or a line, if there's something that doesn't make you as competent as you are, and you can sort of say, Hey, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make this what I want it to be. Um, you know, within reason, I mean, that's, the beauty of plastics is we can be the best version of ourselves. Absolutely. Yes. Bob went to that. Awesome. Thanks so much for joining us today, Jonathan. Yes. Thank you for having me. I cannot see you about five minutes. Thank you.

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