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Creating The "Alpha Male Look"

So the topic that some of our patients want to know is how to create an "alpha male look". An alpha male is the hypermasculine, leading action man type look that exudes confidence. Note, there are lots of attractiveness but alpha male tend to be a popular look.

Square Chin

The leading man typically has a large square chin. Classic hollywood leading man and 80’s superhero action figure men have that chin. If you are not born with it, do not fear, Dr. Shah uses a specialized square male chin implant designed to maximize the overall masculinity of the face. This look has become quite popular over the last few years. The chin is often the first thing seen (even under a mask) and can help support a great jawline and make a face rugged and attractive all at once. With a chin implant viola, ready to rip that mask off and show off that chin.

V-Shape Body & A 6-Pack

The V-shape body means that the shoulders should be wider than the stomach. Too much stomach can lead to the stomach dominating, taking away from a masculine posture. Too much fat can also lead to hyper estrogenization, making your testosterone levels plummet leading to a vicious cycle. We like noninvasive sculpting as a nice way of avoiding scars and downtime including the use of CoolSculpting, Cooltone and Kybella. CoolSculpting sculpts the fat while cooltone will actually create hypertrophy of your abdominal muscles, one of the key elements of a 6 pack. A little kybella can contour around your stomach and viola ready to rip your shirt off.

A Large "Manhood"

Part of the action male mystique is the idea that they are the epitome of male. What epitomizes masculinity more than manhood itself. For those of you who don’t know, manhood= penis. So how do you create a large penis? Male enhancement!!! Filler allows for men to have larger than normal penis which can increase the girth of the penis and resting length. Resting length is the state of the penis when it is not erect. A large resting penis fills out shorts, a swimsuit or even regular clothes. Many of our men who receive filler have a normal sized penis, they just want it larger. Most men start with 10 syringes of filler. Many of our men can not fit in a regular sized condom. Many of our clients don’t fit in XXL magnum condoms. So some filler in your package and large penis to complete the picture of the Ultimate Alpha Male.

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