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CHECK IT OUT: Do Women Check Out Men's "Packages?"

So the question is, “do women look at men's crotch areas with pants on?” And the answer is… Well… It's really hard to find a scientific study validating women looking at men's crotch areas because it's not really there. There isn't one that actually examines this, and that might be an interesting study. But the answer is, unsurprisingly, yes, they do. And for you as a man, you might say, “Well, you know, what's the big deal? They're looking at my crotch area.” But some men may feel conscious about this, and most women say they don't stare. They might look. But if you're wearing particularly tight clothes like tight pants, gray sweatpants seem to be this new trend, a bathing suit... Women are gonna look and it's gonna create some attention. They may not stare, but they're gonna notice.

And so this brings us to male enhancement. They might look at someone that’s normal, but obviously they're gonna look at someone who has more substance there. And so one way of creating more substance through your clothes is with male enhancement. Male enhancement will improve your resting length and growth, and that is literally going to fill you out. The benefit of this is it’s going to give you confidence. Some men don't like women staring at their crotch. Sometimes they may feel inadequate or self-conscious of their size. But after being enhanced, I don't know if men are going to care. A lot of our male patients say that this is not a big deal for them, or they actually like that because people are noticing when they never got noticed before.

It's a little bit like women wearing a tighter shirt and cleavage. It's kind of different where, again, I don't think men stare at that, but they notice the women's shape and curve. And they might not stare. At least they're not supposed to be staring. But they'll notice, and it's similar with women. I mean, they're not going to stare and say what's going on over there? But they'll notice. And so the benefit of male enhancement is you're trying to create that extra bit of vitality, manhood, and substance. And I think the best way to do that is if it's something that you think you can make yourself. Even if you're happy with how you look, it makes yourself the best version of yourself. And that's what I think a lot of aesthetics are. It's about making yourself more confident more attractive to others.

And even if you're in a happy, committed relationship you still, by making yourself the best version of yourself, you are more confident and your partner's gonna respond to that. And so that's what it's about being your best version of you.

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