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At Chicago Male Enhancement, we are discreet about all of our patients' experiences, but we do get a few patients who tell us they want to post about their experience. Here's one of those patients!

I wanted to thank Chicago male for my confidence and wanted to share my story. I'm an African American male who has long been an average sized male. They say black men have bigger penis but if you are black and you don’t have one, what are you supposed to do. This really wasn’t an issue for me, but I dated alot of girls. One of the girls said, “You ain’t got xxx when we broke up.” I thought about it and knew that deep inside, maybe she was right. Now, I’ve dated all sorts of races and when they date me they are expecting something huge. I actually would kinda nervous during the reveal. I’d say most were happy but no one was like snuggling me and saying how I was the biggest they’ve been with the next day.
So I knew I had to do something. I bought some pills and devices online and nothing really worked. I heard about Chicago male when I was searching online for penis enlargement pills or a clinic in Chicago. I thought it sounded like a legit business and it had a pretty famous doctor so I took a chance.
I first spoke to Jonathon on the phone and it sounded like he knew what he was doing. I wanted to see a difference so I told Jonathon to give me the most he could!!!
I’ve been hit in the balls many times and was expecting this to hurt, but guess what, it did not. I like the fact that Jonathon was a male and that he was super kind. I saw an immediate difference and felt like the baddest dude in town.
He did tell me “ No sex for 2 weeks.” Tell you the truth, that was the hardest part of everything.
I knew who I wanted to go out with, my ex who is a size queen. If I could make her happy, guess what, every girl was going to be satisfied. I sent her some text messages back and forth and we decided to meet up for a drink. We talked and well you know how that goes we decided to go for it!!
Well, I wanted to get her full impression of the new me so I made sure there was some light on. Guess what, I could tell by her eyes she was mesmerized. She did not waste any time and I could tell everything was different. She was super snuggly and affectionate even afterwards. Now, I feel like how I was supposed to feel. I didn’t tell anyone and no one asks but I was thinking to myself, would I do it again and get enhanced at Chicago male? Actually I went back twice because the more I get I feel like the biggest brother in the city.

Thanks again to this awesome patient for sharing his experience!

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