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BEING NOSY: Does Nose Size Determine Penis Size?

So a recent thought was that you can correlate the size of a nose or the length of the nose with the length of a male penis. And this theory was very popular on social media platforms. But the question is...

Is it true? Is it accurate? Do Noses Determine Penis Size?

The thought is that men with bigger facial features may have larger penises. This was back published in a study of basic and clinical andrology, which found that those with larger noses had an average peanut length of 5.3 inches or patients with shorter noses will have around 4.1 inch for their penis length. So does that mean that if you have a large nose, you have a larger penis, and if you have a small nose, you have a smaller penis. I think you have to look at this study with a grain of salt. I don't know if this correlation is super accurate.


I think that there, isn't some sort of magical way of telling how big a man is by looking at them. And this is from us looking at multiple, multiple men of different facial features and different bills. And so I don't think men are going to be getting nasal enlargements to pretend that they have larger penises or fearful of getting nose reduction in sense that their penises may appear smaller to someone else. This correlation at best is very weak, but it's interesting and it tends to blow up on social media. So my thought is it's not really that strong of a correlation.


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