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BDE… Chicago Male Enhancement Style

We live in a society where we exude our manliness to attract our most wanted partners, both women and men. It’s nature, really. Just look at the peacock with its attractive feathers. And for a real long time, the human male has done many things to “flex” their manliness, like showing off fancy cars or throwing around money like a baller. However, this old staple has been done so much, it has become synonymous with having a small penis. Nowadays, there’s a way to show off our plumage without having to resort to one of the oldest tricks in the books. And who do we have to thank for that?


Pete Davidson is an SNL cast member who is known for a number of skits there. ‘Chad’ is one of my personal favorites. He has also starred in the recent “King of Staten Island'' and has been on the stand-up comic stage for a few years now. And when you look at him (based on appearance alone. We hear is actually a super nice person in real life!), he’s not the type of person you would expect girls to be attracted to… But they are! He has dated Phoebe Dynevor from Netfilx’s ‘Bridgerton', Cindy Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, and actress, Kate Beckinsale. He was almost married to Ariana Grande not too long ago. So what’s his secret?


BDE or “Big Dick Energy” is a phrase that was coined on Twitter for men who are well endowed, regardless of how they appear. And given how Pete Davidson looks, his BDE glows like a thousand suns. Even in interviews, Ariana Grande has confirmed his size and even alluded to it in her video for “Thank U, Next.” Pete Davidson also exudes his BDE on stage by not shying away from it. It’s something that he refers to in his standup. It's one of his traits that makes him extremely confident in who he is and what he has.


BDE is a pillar here at Chicago Male Enhancement. We not only help with the girth of our patient’s penis, but we also help boost that confidence. We take a non-surgical, more natural approach to male enhancement by using injectable fillers to boost the girth of the penis. And with our approach, the girth of the penis not only looks significantly bigger when fully erect, but it also gives it a bigger appearance to its resting length.

So if you’re not feeling confident about measuring up for your partner, let the CME (that’s Chicago Male Enhancement) boost that BDE.

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