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Are You a Candidate for Male Enhancement?

Male enhancement procedures have grown in safety; have become minimally invasive as well as extremely popular. While it is your body and you have every right to make decisions about how to care for it, not everyone is the best candidate for male enhancement.

First, let's take a look at our procedure available for male enhancement and determine if you are a good candidate.

At Chicago Male Enhancement we use an injectable filler to increase the girth or width of the penis. It should be noted that although many of our patients want to increase the girth of their penis (with the right massage technique following the treatment) many patients also see an increase in penis length.

What Affects Male Enhancement Procedures?

Foreskin is important for a successful male enhancement procedure. If you have an uncircumcised penis and want to enlarge the shaft or head, you should get circumcised first, leaving a minimal amount of foreskin.

Active skin diseases are another aspect we try to avoid while preforming male enhancement treatments with penile filler. This includes STDs, and any other infections.

Are you or your partner experiencing sexual dissatisfaction?

If you or your partner have been experiencing something missing from the sex life: It might be time to consider male enhancement by penile filler. Many of our patients have said that by gaining girth in their penis, they have drastically improved their sex life. In multiple surveys women were said to they would rather have girth than length!

Are you self conscious about your size?

Being self conscious about your size is normal for many men of all ages. Our digital world and brand heavy environment have desensitized us to the hyper-male aesthetic. The porn industry has basically gone mainstream with more adult content on broadcast television to billboards of underwear models all across the city. This phenomenon has caused men to seek out methods of male enhancement. A lot of men begin to question their size when they first start dating.

Call/Text our office at 312-944-0117 to schedule a consultation!

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