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AND JUST LIKE THAT... The "BIG" Deal About The Sex and the City Sequel

Just Like That...

So, the new updated version of "Sex in the City" is "And Just Like That." Now in this updated version which is now close to some 20 years later the audience wants something different. For the first time they're showing male members. Two different times in the same episode, they showed a male penis. The first was the husband of one of the "Sex in the City" cast members. The other "member" was a random stranger. The husband, named Harry Goldenblatt on the show, showed a prosthesis which he admitted to in real life. And then the male neighbor was thought to be a real live penis.

The "BIG" Deal

So the difference here is prostheses are still being used in Hollywood (Check out our previous blog here). But also interesting that the appetite for the show, which I imagine is 85, maybe 90% women viewers, is that they want to see this. So you, as a potential male enhancement patient, must be thinking if they're wanting to see this and women are talking about this, this is something that's becoming "a big deal".

So What Can Men Do About This?

If men are concerned about this (even if it's 20 years later with the same person, they can consider having male enhancement to improve that area. Give them that extra confidence. And because I think it's not just TV shows that are talking about it. Everyone's talking about it.

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