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59: Where The US Ranks In The World's Biggest Penis

Spoilers: We're 59.

So, a recent poll had men measure their penises from all over the world. Now I want to emphasize that this is self-reported measuring and, as many of you know, men tend to embellish these numbers. So in this poll, they found that men in America had the 59th biggest penises. They measured the average length of 5.3 inches. It's shorter than actually most of the other nations. Out of 86 countries, the longest was found to be in Ecuador, where the average line is 6.95 inches. That being said, there's been much dispute about measurements and online measurements and men doing self-reported measurements because honestly, no one believes them.

If men are looking to improve, prove this what can they do?

Well male enhancement can improve some, not a lot, but some of the erect length. It's mostly designed for helping with girth and width but it does help with some of the erect length but it also can help with resting length, as well. So maybe this will nudge us up in that ranking. But also I think these these numbers being reported are maybe not as accurate. Kind of like those old time fish stories about catching a fish THIS big.

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