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Why John Cena Getting Naked Make Us Hit the Gym Harder

John Cena, former wrestling star turned Hollywood hunk, undressed for the Oscar ceremony. Stripping down to nothing but a skin toned jockstrap the audience erupted in a flow of cheers, applause and gasps. This headline stealing moment got everyone talking - and googling. The google searches for Cena went through the roof as everyone wanted another peak at the star’s absolutely ripped physique. 

So while the wrestling star’s member was  discreetly concealed it did spark a lot of discussion about the male body (and the male member)  and how in modern times society tends to praise or admire the female form more than the male physique this is in sharp contrast to in the height of the Greek and Roman empires where the male body was a show of strength, power, and fortitude. This is not to say modern day society does not appreciate or admire the male body but as a culture we are more forward with the female body. 

With that said it’s important for us as male to also take care of ourselves whether that be via CoolSculpting, CoolTone,  going to the gym more frequently or even being more mindful of what food we are consuming. At Chicago Male Enhancement we really look at the male physique in a holistic way - after the gym opting in for a Cooltone session just to tighten up the abs that extra bit, or hitting the red light therapy for a half hour is really a game changer. 

I think for a lot of us guys seeing John Cena makes us really want to set it up at the gym; it’s like sometimes when you’re in the gym seeing someone lift more than you is just the motivation and that drive you need to go the extra mile. And you know here at Chicago Male Enhancement we are all about that extra mile … maybe even two extra miles. Drop us a comment or DM us if you want more tips or motivation for the gym or your post gym routine. 

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