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Size Aside: Does Shape Matter?

Men have different shaped penises. While this does not surprise anyone, is there a best shape? Let's discuss the features of each part of the penis and how it can be reshaped and altered using fillers.

Head of the Penis (Glans)

The head of the penis is where most men have the largest diameter. The area surrounding the head is sometimes called the corona or crown and is typically the widest here. Most partners state the head is the best part so adding volume to the head is critical. Filler here has a 2 fold benefit : it can help with premature ejaculation and can increase head girth. While adding substantial girth to the head is difficult, even smaller changes here can lead to overall satisfaction in the penis.

Dorsum of Penis

Adding width at the dorsum of penis, or top of the penis, can press against a female partners clitoris. This can stimulate a female during sex and allow for further stimulation in a variety of sexual positions. Many female partners describe that the front of the vagina is the most sensitive and that stimulation here during full penetration can lead to deeper orgasms. Here is an area where men can get substantial improvement with filler. We can customize the right fillers to create improvement in the dorsum or top of the penis to help improve the sexual experience for both partners.

The Sides of the Penis

Penis overall girth can be improved by injecting along the sides. This allows for nearly 270 coverage of the penis and improve its overall shape and appearance. Width here will allow for pressure along the partners walls and can create a more fulfilled filling. Filler along the sides can also make the experience tighter allowing for more stimulation throughout the sexual act. The other benefit here is that filler here is one of the best areas to put penile filler.

Base of the Penis

Depending on the sexual position, the base of the penis can serve as a pedestal for the partner to feel the full amount of manhood. For patients who use multiple sessions, oftentimes details such as the base are included as it will allow for another level of sexual gratification. Base of penis can be wider leading to even further stretch of the partner. Many of our clients report on session 3 of filler that patients who add the base element will notice deeper orgasms and satisfaction from the partners.

So what is the most important part of the penis? All of it!!!

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