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GIVING AN INCH: Another Way To Measure Penis Length???

Giving An Inch: Another Way To Measure Penis Length???

Leave it to TikTok to have its users come up with various ideas, some good and some outright dangerous. A recent user @ladyoreo84 talked about measuring a man’s penis from "butt to tip".

She claimed a man needed to be 10 inches to meet her requirement. First of all the average length of men (measured by themselves so be careful) is between 4.75 to 5.2 inches erect. Men might be asking who is she sleeping with in this .001% category.

Well her methodology is to measure a man laying on a bed and then going from his butt all the way to the tip of his penis. Most men would at least 4 inches or so. With this criteria, most men would be happy to say they are 10 inches long!!

However, we will error with proven methods of measuring a penis as adding in the butt does not seem to accurately measure a man’s penis, it is really a penis and butt measurement.


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